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Your Path is Calling-Horoscope June 26,2020

Reminder of the day, stay present. The universe works in a subtle way, so subtle that if you're not paying attention you just may miss your chance. To help with presence, try starting off your day with some mediation. The air is ripe for powerful spiritual connections. Connecting with a power source can have lasting effects outwardly. There is a saying “when you show someone their shadow, you give them their light.” Going into that dark closet, turning on the light, throwing out the clutter signals to the universe that you're open for surprises and new opportunities. This takes stepping out of your circle of comfort and being true to the feelings that come to the surface. The feelings that surface can let you know if you're on your path. How will you know what’s your path? If you stay present, you can hear a faint voice saying “ come over here.” That voice is your true self. Are you listening?



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