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Embracing Optimism: Venus Transits Into Sagittarius After Scorpio's Muddy Waters

Updated: Jan 7

Venus, the planet in charge of harmony, has left the muddy waters of Scorpio washing off the stench and sludge to change into the clothes of optimistic Sagittarius. Venus will travel through Sagittarius from December 29th 2023 until January 23rd 2024. Coming off the intense opposition with the Uranus where we saw sudden awakenings, breakthroughs, and unexpected breakups, what you thought you valued has been put to the test. When thinking about Venusian energy, think about what you love, value and what you attract to you. That includes persons, places, things, and situations. Venus’s move into Sagittarius is about personal freedom inside relationships with friends, family and romantic partnerships.

Sagittarius energy likes to focus on the larger perspective. Examine how you approach relationships and the way you believe relationships should function. The shadow side of this is withholding what you truly value in relationships which over time takes a toll on your self-worth and what is important to you. You need to move out of the fear of being your true self in relationships while learning to trust and be more optimistic. Getting in touch with the thought processes of others allows you to see things from a larger perspective. Establish easygoing and tolerant relationships with others who thrive on adventure and variety. This will help you expand your mind which leads to an expanded world. Do you have cherished relationships with others, or do you have settled relationships with others? The true answer will be discovered in your beliefs.



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