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How Will Venus in Capricorn Affect Your Love Life for the Next 25 Days?

Venus enters Capricorn in the early hours of January 23rd where it will be for the next 25 days. Venus has 25 days to get her act together before she has a meeting with the Lord of the underground Pluto at 0° Aquarius. To figure this energy out, you first must know what Venus is. Venus is a feminine planet that belongs to the night sect. The moon and Mars are the other two-night planets. There is an honorable mention for mercury, but mercury can swing both ways between day and night. Astrology is combining keywords to extract the meaning.

Venus is the energy of attraction which includes persons, places, things, or life circumstances. Venus is what and how you love and what you desire. It's loving, being loved, pleasure, and self-indulgence. What is Capricorn? It's a cardinal sign which means generating energy. It’s an earth sign bringing practicality. It’s a feminine sign making it receptive. It’s also ruled by Saturn. Capricorn is about structure, organizations, and accomplishments. It's about status, positions in the community, and security.

What is Venus in the sign of Capricorn about? Combine, merge, make a gumbo of those keywords to contextualize the meaning. You must remember the yin/yang, the good and the bad because either one or both can manifest. I'm keeping it basic just speaking about planet (Venus) to sign (Capricorn), but this is how you do it with all the planets and signs. Venus in Capricorn can be an attraction to traditions. Traditional marriage, family traditions handed down from generation to generation. It can be a need for respect or love of control. Venus in Capricorn is about having standards or lack thereof. It's about assuming responsibility inside relationships and finding balance between love and work. It can also point to a love of work. Can you say workaholic? Can you do what you love for work?

Venus in Capricorn is about attracting people in situations that could bring work and working harmoniously with people. It’s attraction to elders or attracting a guide. Venus in Capricorn is also about social appropriateness. What is socially acceptable. Can you reach the highest level of social acceptance? Capricorn is the beginning of winter bringing coldness which can have its influence on Venus and its outcomes, like the pursuit of materials. The last time I looked there were no U-Haul trucks following a funeral procession.

Venus in Capricorn can point to your values versus what you think is socially acceptable. It can be about relationships based on social status and power plays. It can be a lust for ambition and being socially inappropriate. It can be manipulation of materials for one's own benefit. Projections like you're on top of things when you're not. Fears of rejection, loss on a personal level, and gold diggers.

For the next 25 days whichever house you have Capricorn on the cusp, can you find a solid sense of your own self-worth? Can you combine your social and material skills to build a solid sense of self-worth? Can you establish grown up relationships based on commitment, integrity, and maturity. When Venus leaves Capricorn in 25 days meeting Pluto at 0 degrees Aquarius we will know the answer. 



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