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Breaking the Mold: How to Revolutionize Education with EdgeUCation

What's going on people? Thank y'all for joining me on another day of word annihilation today we're going over the word EDUCATION. Definition of this word is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction especially at a school or university. Let me just put this out there: education was created for you to fall and the words that's associated with it proves it. If you listen to what you hear in the word education, you hear edge.

What’s an edge? An outside limit of an object, area, or surface; a place or part farthest away from the center of something. Education was not only created for you to fall it was also created to have you being in the state of going down. Think about what you're doing under the umbrella of education. You're getting a lesson which is called curriculum. The first four letters are LESS not MORE. Education gives us the illusion of elevating the mind but you’re receiving a lesson. It demotes more than anything. This lesson is given throughout grade school to high school.

Then, when high school is completed, we are awarded with what's called a DIPloma. A sophisticated word for certificate of completion is basically what it is. First three letters though diploma is what? After we get the diploma, we head off for higher learning. This is where the university comes in. UNI means one and VERSITY can be broken down to VERSE; ONE VERSE. University or college slow down or take a pause at the syllable break when saying the word college. You get col LEDGE or coll EDGE, look something else to fall off. Then it changed from lessons to programs or courses you were programmed to follow a specific course.

Now you're shaping your life off what you're going to do to make your money from these programs and/or indoctrinations. You do your 2-8 years and receive another certificate of completion that's called DEgree. The definition of DE is down; away. Throughout all this education we're getting, pay attention, listen to the words, and peep the spells that are being casted. Quick question. What part of the school does this take place? If you said in a classroom, you’re correct. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th letter of the word is what? There is no such thing as coincidences learning take place in the head area it could’ve easily been named brainroom or headroom hell maybe even mindroom. School comes from the word skull. But some individuals decided to put the body part that gets rid of your macro waste as the name. In the classroom you're receiving somebody else's waste because your program was created to have you going backwards being pulled back going the opposite of elevation. With all this knowledge right, we're supposed to get we don’t get it.

Let’s break down knowledge 2 words you got know and ledge right you supposed to know the ledge. Once you know the ledge this kicks off your wisdom now you have the information to give to somebody else that may come in that situation or may already be in that situation. No matter what the situation is, if you have the knowledge about said things you can help anyone. But since we've been getting the wrong indoctrination, we've been listening to his story, the history of him. Let's go to the Bible for a second look at how they X the female out and look how they treat the females so if it's a history there must be her story if we go back to ancient tribes a lot of the females ran the tribes. Well since we've been so subjected to this patriarchal mindset we are stuck in a caveman mindset. We see something we want; we grunt it out and if we don't get it, we act in violence. All of this was done through your education system.

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