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Who Is That?

As we kick off the 2nd week of black history month, we find the Moon in Capricorn making her way towards the Aquarius stellium. Even though we have 3 other planets Mars Neptune and Uranus in different signs, there is no ducking the explosion of Aquarian energy. Anyone with planets in fixed signs or have fixed signs on the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th house cusp can really feel the pressure, being that this concentration of energy is happening in your angular houses. Yes, the time of the New frontier is upon us but let’s not forget the heavy Plutonian energy still laying waste to all the old Capricorn structures that has come before us. The Moon’s entrance into Capricorn will find a way to remind of this. As you turn on the news you can see not everyone likes or can embrace the energy of innovation. Mercury being in retrograde is asking if we can get by remodeling existing structures. The universe is calling for a total scrape and rebuild starting with the foundation. The old foundation is cracked, worn down and is no longer a secure solid slab. Find your fixed houses in your chart, use these few days leading up to the New Moon to plant a true seed of intention that resonates with your authentic self. Who is that?



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