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What's on Your Rising Sign?

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Since Halloween just passed, it may be ideal for me to start off my very first blog discussing the ascendant or rising sign. What does Halloween have to do with your rising sign? Have you ever met someone with the same sun sign or even someone with the same birthdate, but you are nothing a like? That is because you possess different rising signs. Depending on the school of astrology you follow, most astrologers believe your rising sign is your public mask, hence the Halloween reference. What actually is an ascendant/rising sign? Most people are aware of their sun (ego) sign, but most are unaware they have a moon (emotions) sign and a rising sign. When someone meets you, they are actually meeting your rising sign. Your rising sign can be totally different than your sun (ego) sign. Although we may feel we are coming across in a particular way the public receives it differently.

In order to find your rising sign, an accurate time of birth is required, as well as the date and place of birth. Whichever sign is on the eastern-most horizon at the moment of birth will be your rising sign. The signs on the horizon are constantly moving. This constant movement allows each sign two hours to move through the horizon, therefore all 12 signs in a 24 hour period will pass through the horizon. Babies born on the same day will have the same sun sign, however the time of birth will determine the rising sign (public mask). Identical twins can be born minutes apart and have different rising signs. 

Depending on the school of thought, the rising sign is one of the most important signs we have and should get to know. It is part of the “Big 3” as they are called, which includes the sun and moon. The rising sign is the beginning and sets the table for chart order of life aspects. It is the ruler of the first house, which is the house of self. The rising sign is the point of view in which you see the world and the world sees you. The rising sign is one of the most important parts of the chart because it describes the influences that become part of a person’s being the moment they take their first breathe.

The Rising sign also represents the physical body. Each sign rules a specific area of the body. It is said that people display the body types of their rising signs. If you learn the characteristics of the body types of each sign you may be able to see the rising sign body type. It describes the vehicle we are driving to carry us through life experiences. If the sun sign represents a brand of car, the rising sign would represent the type. Are you driving a sports car, pickup truck, luxury, or minivan? It is the part of the personality most easily expressed. It’s how a person allows others to see them. It is the wall or façade around ourselves that we hide behind. It’s the filter through which your personality is displayed to the world. It’s what others see when they see you and your sense of personal identity. If you are experiencing social awkwardness in relation to others, identify the qualities of the rising sign and working to strengthen these innate abilities will automatically allow you to connect with others.

Now that we have that part out the way, we can get to the good stuff. Remember I mentioned “depending on the school of thought you follow?” Well, rising signs can point to much more than how you come across to people, how you see the world, and body type. If the sun represents your ego and the moon your emotional body, then the rising sign would represent your soul. We are all unique but all have the same purpose, which is soul growth. The rising sign can help in uncovering your soul lesson. Different signs have signed up for different lessons. The question is are you willing are you to accept these lessons or not work on them at all? To accept your fate is a conscious choice. After all, you can choose not to accept your lesson; we do have free will. The sun is what you are learning to become. The rising is the route the sun will take to learn these lessons.

We are constantly growing and changing by interacting with others. This interaction could provide us with information we need to express our authentic self. Most times people interpret reactions of others as negative rather than as an area we need adjusting. This can lead to suppression of ourselves. We can get so focused on the negative of what others perceive that we lose touch with our own strength and beauty. If we allow this to happen we will restrict the flow of vital life energy. The sun may be our ego but the rising sign is our soul and this is actually what we resist. The way is to embrace our rising sign energy. By embracing the lesson your soul decided was most urgent, and being aware of what it is, you allow others to see. You can project yourself in a more positive light and accelerate your soul growth at the same time. Your soul wants you to uncover the lessons and embrace them because you choose them for a reason.

I started this blog talking about our mask, but this mask you cannot take off; it’s part of you. Have you ever heard someone describe you, but what you hear does not sound like you to you at all? They described your mask or rising sign. It is hard to see what others see. What we project may not be how we see ourselves at all. What you see is not always what you get. When meeting someone remember you are interacting with the rising sign or mask. If you are curious about who you truly are contact me at



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