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Doing your normal routine may feel like a task, a free spirited attitude to begin the day. If you're someone that is working, taking the day off could be more of the mood. If you do go to work, be mindful of the day dreaming, especially if you're operating heavy equipment. The exact Sun Jupiter opposition makes a day at the mall a risky affair; if you're balling on a budget, over indulgence is in the air. Great day to make long term plans or plans for a trip when restrictions get lifted. When this is over, how do you want your house, career and relationships to be reconstructed? These last few days, you've been shown your sore spots, hopefully you have been keeping notes. Neptune being in Pisces provides an easy route to denial, not seeing the forest for the trees. In the long run, you will be left with negative feelings, poor health, and regrets. The hardest question to take to the grave with you is "What IF?" How many “what if's” have you accumulated already and how many “what if's” can you do something about now?



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