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Happy Birthday, Virgo's, as the sun moves into Virgo officially kicking off Virgo season. Not only are Virgo Sun signs receiving a burst of new energy, but Virgo risings are also receiving new light with the Sun transiting their first house. The next 4 weeks provides us an opportunity to really get organized. Virgo's are very analytical, methodical and critical. The sign of perfection is not saying they are perfect (some may act like they are) but they are continuously striving to be better moving in the perfection direction. The truth is an acquired taste, and not everyone can handle it. If this is you, I advise you not to ask a Virgo their opinion.  On the other hand, the shadow of this energy can be to judgmental coming across as Negative Nancy.  The Moon is also on the move into the sign of Scorpio. Mars is the original ruler of Scorpio, but modern rulership belongs to Pluto.  Pluto's signature is in deep transformation which is great for the beginning of Virgo season. The Scorpio moon will turn the lights on the next 2 days so Virgo can get a clear picture of what needs are out of order, so they can begin the process of straightening.



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