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TGIF! We made it to the weekend, congrats. It was a tough week energy wise. I hope you have iced up and bandaged up because it ain't over. The Moon is saddling up to retrograding Mars while squaring destructive Pluto. This can make for deep emotional confrontations that can be explosive. The energy of the Full Moon is still lingering around. Venus is also on the move. Later this evening Venus will make her way into Virgo, but before she leaves Leo she just may have to cause a scene to make sure all eyes are on her as she exits the door stage right. While in Virgo finances, materials, anything you perceive as valuable, business and personal relationships will be analyzed. A fish grows with the size of the aquarium in which it lives. The bigger the tank the bigger the fish will be. The Moon Jupiter square is saying we are in need of a bigger aquarium. The obstacles you're facing the Sun Uranus quincunx says it's time to move in a new direction but it will take innovative actions to get there. 



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