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On this last day of Leo season, the Moon moves deeper into Libra, setting up one of the four major configurations a T-square in the sky.  Last time the Moon was in Libra it formed a grand cross.  Both are stressful configurations.  The T-square is two planets 180 degrees apart with a third planet 90 degrees from both.  Usually the way out of a T-square is the opposite sign of the planet at 90 degrees.  The problem with this T-square is Mars is sitting at the release point in opposition to the Moon.  Forceful, authoritative, active, ambitious and opportunistic are words associated with cardinal energy.  If someone had this in their chart, I probably would tell them, the things they value (Venus) in life are at odds with their growth and expansion (Jupiter).  The main problem is how they feel (Moon) about both sides is creating the tension.  The release would be through Aries but Mars is sitting there.  If you develop a warrior (Mars) type of drive, it will fuel your emotions, which would help you push past your stuck values that would facilitate your growth.  None of this will change until you take a cardinal approach, which is be being proactive instead of reactive.  This will bring the balance you seek.



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