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As we get started on a brand new week, we begin with the Moon in Taurus.  It's easy to say values and security, but what does that actually mean?  The value of something is strictly subjective.  One man's trash is another's man's treasure.  Society, community, friends, and family try to dictate their values on us individually.  It really takes a strong-willed person to identify what is of true value to them in the midst of tremendous peer pressure to conform.  I say KNOW THYSELF for this reason.  It is the only way for you to figure out what is yours and what belongs to others.  Good news, the Moon Jupiter trine is setting up opportunities for your horizon to be broadened.  The not so good news, the Moon is in opposition to Mercury while conjunction Uranus, meaning it may take an unexpected misunderstanding or surprise communication to trigger it.  The Moon Sun quincunx could make this an ego hit.  If you can, try to avoid a dust up; if not, keep in mind this too shall pass.  Mercury being in Scorpio, the detective lurking in every nook and cranny, is quincunx the wounded healer Chiron.  Dreams and memories are very strong at this time.  Interactions that trigger rumblings inside are pointing to areas you need to learn to forgive and forget.  When thinking about it, who are you really hurting by holding onto that grudge?  YOURSELF!  Physically the damage you’re doing to your internal organs could be irreversible.  Emotions directly affect your physical health, more than your diet and exercise program.  Next, it holds you back from new possibilities coming to your life.  The releasing of emotional scars and grudges is a painful process, but it leads to a weight being lighted off your chest leading to more joy in the now!



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