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The Moon will do a drive-by on the big Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, conjunction (retrograde).  Combined with the Sun Uranus square, we are again dealing with the structures we live by.  This time, with the Moon's influence, it brings in our family of origin and the emotional ties that bind being in opposition with Mercury.  How does this play a part in our current mental health?  Uranus is pushing us to break free from those ties.  An issue dealing with family could pop up, bringing a deep (Pluto) standing issue (Saturn) to the surface and make it even bigger (Jupiter).  I have been talking about balancing relationships for a while now.  Some schools are getting started this week. How many parents are sending kids on the front lines because they are tired of them being home?  How stuck are we to schedules and dates?  Thinking, “No, It has to start on this date. We have GOT to keep it.”  In whose rule book is it that every date from the past must be adhered to?  Who is the date keeper?  No, the season has to start. Says who?  The reason we are still in this mess is because people's inability to unplug.  In the movie, The Matrix, humans were the energy source for the machines.  If all you have ever been and know is being a battery, not being a battery is too uncomfortable, so please hurry up and plug me back in boss. I need you to suck me dry.



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