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As we prepare for the fall equinox this week, we will still be in Simmering September.  I told you it was going to be a rough one.  How's it going for you?  Let's not stop the party.  Today, we will continue the pattern of challenging aspects.  The silver lining is that some are quickly moving. The Sun Mars quincunx is one that’s is not so quickly moving.  Self expression verses ego drives.  Unless you can, stay away from sketchy people, areas, and situations, the outcome may not be so positive.  We also have the North Node in Gemini making quincunx aspects to Saturn and Pluto triggering words being said.  These words are pointing to aspects that are up for review, things need either realignment or deep a transformation.  Before writing today's horoscope a statement was made to me, " You can't count on it." This set off a stream of thought. Instead of letting it turn into a big debate, I recognized it's just where that person is currently, and the lens they choose to look out when approaching life. My thought is how many things have you held yourself back from because you can't count on the outcome?  "Man plans, the universe laughs!"



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