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We have reached the Full Moon in Aquarius.  Full Moon happens when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs from each other.  The Moon is receiving full light from the Sun. Leo, the sign of praise in groups, verses Aquarius, the non conformist (black sheep).  The Sabian symbol for this degree, " An evening party of adults on a lawn illumined by fancy lanterns."  Huh? What does that mean?  Think about arriving at a party or in a high school cafeteria, which group do you migrate to?  You walk in the party, which group do you have that drink with?  Squares and oppositions are considered hard aspects in astrology.  In my view, it depends on the type of person you are.  If you are happy with the status quo, yes oppositions and squares are hard.  If you want something different, then the hard aspects are opportunities for growth.  How can you grow sitting with the same group every time?  You need opposing thought or contrast to move you off your stuck positions.  Along with the Sun Moon opposition, it's T-Squaring with Uranus (shock) in fixed stubborn stuck signs.  There are different types of accidents.  Not all accidents are bad.  For instance, while working on one project, you can accidentally invent something brand new.  Your ego and emotions are at odds the next two days.  What new shocking interaction will push you from your stuck position that will one day have you scream like Muhammad Ali " I SHOCKED THE WORLD?"



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