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Uncovering the Root Cause: How to Move Forward from Difficult Times

Being called a jackass (the slang for donkey) is usually done when someone considers an action not smart. Contrary to popular belief, the donkey is a highly intelligent animal. It's equipped with big ears and big eyes to better hear and see which you will need in this current situation. Taking in more information will help you better discern the best way to get out of difficult times. What is the true reason for your current situation? It is easy to point fingers but if you were being accountable, what was your role in the outcome of this situation? Get out of the victimhood mentality now! If you need help, ask for it.

Many roads lead to the same destination, it's OK to take a few back streets to get around the traffic as long as you make your way back to the main road. It's about your ability to adapt or transform. The toad didn't start off as a toad. It began its journey as a tadpole. To get out of these times it will take a magical transformation on your part. Take a big picture approach when looking at your life. Dream big then leap into action. Jumping into action will take a leap of faith on your part.

Do you feel like the universe has your back? Have you tapped into your intuition and inner guidance? Do you trust your inner guidance? Are you amazed when your intuitive feelings are correct or are you afraid to tap into the inner parts of yourself? We all have hidden knowledge buried inside waiting to be discovered.

Are you truly aware? The Owl is active at night when most of the world is at rest. Self-awareness requires time and solitude. While you're alone, go into the shadows of the psyche and illuminate the shadow qualities of yourself. Be patient and committed to eradicate yourself of any self-limiting beliefs, thoughts, or ideas you may have, or any untruths projected on you from others. When your journey of self-discovery is over, when you know who you are and know your power, return to the world and lead others out of the shadows with your enlightened inner wisdom. You must get and keep your light lit first.



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Nov 06, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

“you must get and keep your light lit first”

Everything surrounding life situations starts at the center point itself, yourself. taking accountability made my subconscious change from having negative thoughts about situations to positive and moving towards the future with supernatural grace. The universe has my back as much as i have my own. i remain humble throughout it all , knowing how volatile at any moment the universe can be.

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