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Emotional Maturity for Personal Development: Insights from the Page of Cups and Page of Wands

From the outside looking in, we observe people's lives judging their success by the material plane. Under further review that what seems as happy and successful from the outside, on the inside is feeling depressed and lonely.

Luther Vandross sang that a house doesn’t make a home when there is no love inside. What good is the material if you left a trail of tears to get it?

Part of the game of life is evolving from one state to another. Kanye West told sway he didn’t have all the answers but who does when you're young in the game. We move through life emotionally immature and lack emotional stability.

That's where personal development should take place. Dig down deep into the energy of fire which loves to explore the unknown but expeditions to the unknown requires courage. If you want to achieve, you must push past fear of failures from yesteryear. Water and fire do not mix well together but they can coexist if the water is placed in a container.

Haven't you procrastinated long enough? Are you tired of wasting your time and talents on something that in the end brings you insignificant returns on that investment? Are you wasting your gifts and talents the universe handed to you? If so, why? Does that which you had so much passion for no longer has value? Are you sure about that? Is there a person, place, or project that you need to return to because you perceived it had lost its luster just like your emotional state? Reclaim that which is yours!



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