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The Power of Personal Patterns: How Tracking Your Past Can Shape Your Future


Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive. The million-dollar question is who are you deceiving? A spider web displays beautiful patterns of creativity, but the web is also meant to catch prey. In this case who is caught in the web, the prey or you? If you track your personal patterns from the past, you will see you have a method of operation.

Those patterns are the true reason for your present situation. What goes around must come around. That what rises must fall. Is that fate, luck, karma, cycles or change? I'm not married to adjectives therefore you choose the adjective that fits you.


The Falcon is a bird of prey flying high to survey the land. Flying high in this case is your need to change your perspective which takes rising out of the situation to be able to see the full circle in other words getting the bird's eye view. Use the winds of spirit to climb high only swooping in for the kill when the time is right.


The leopard sits camouflaged in a tree waiting to pounce on unsuspecting prey. The leopard must stay present and focused to unleash the fiery spirit at the right time. The leopard has mastered the art of hunting to stay alive. Have you mastered your personal power? It's about overcoming life's obstacles as you spiritually grow. Expressing your eye of the leopard empowers others to do the same.


Before flying high, you must take time to go within to ponder, reflect, dream, and plan, but who got time for all of that, right? Mr. Mental Reset says “we already have the answers inside of us.” How will you find them if you're looking elsewhere? Like the Loon dive deep into the waters of your consciousness resurfacing with a healthier perspective, manifesting from the heart chakra.


Are you Down to take a chance to advance putting it all on the line? Are you scared to jump off the Cliff? Your leap to others may appear to be foolish but they don't know you have been preparing yourself and ready to take flight. When opportunities present themselves will you make the leap? Does the 0 mean nothing or in this case does 0 mean complete or full? Does Wile E. Coyote ever catch the roadrunner? Hmmm!



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