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Sharpening The Knight of Pentacles' Ace of Swords: A Lesson in Preparation and Precision

If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword. Don't set yourself up for failure going into battle with a dull blade that couldn't cut through butter when hot.

Swords are the energy of air letting me know it's time to get your mind right. This new conquest will take a strong will, fierce attitude and determination not to be stopped. Stay present while using your knowledge and wisdom to recognize when opportunities are presented to you.

Do leaders ask people to follow, or do they just consistently show up doing their thing and overtime when they turn around, they see a crowd? The real leader may not be flashy, loud, or charismatic, that one initially gets all the attention. The real leader usually is plain Jane may appear to be just another face in the crowd but in fact when the shit hits the fan who do they call, Ghostbusters? Hell no, they call the one who was cheap, now when times are tough guess who looks like the smart one.

The quickest way to get from point A to point B is a straight line. Slow and steady wins the race, ask the hare. Stay clear of negative people and situations, the conflicts detour you causing drifting from the straight line. The chaos can make you feel like you're being asked to walk a straight line after having three drinks trying to make it home at 2:00 AM with bright lights flashing in your eyes.

We're going to leave all the mayhem to the past, stay present and focused in the now. If you keep your heart and mind on what you want and value, both feet must follow. What are you mentally focused on?



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