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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

If your around someone who does something your interested in how would you spend the time? Would you use the time to show that person how much you know or use the time to ask questions about things you may not know? When riding around I choose the latter. I may pepper people with questions on what they do. I see it as a chance to get some free info. This ride started off with her husband taking a look at my sweat shirt saying to me oh my wife is going to love you. I said why is that? He said you will see as she walks out the house and sees the sweat shirt. Oh I love astrology she says. It’s really cool when people know something about astrology. I tell her that yes I read birth charts. If you have a conversation with someone who is into astrology one of the first questions you will be asked is what is your Sun Moon and Rising sign. In true astrology chat she tells me her 3 majors then started saying other placements in her chart. As she is talking I’m putting her chart together in my head. Now that I have that picture I start to speak about her chart but didn’t get very far. Instead of asking the astrologer questions she used the time to tell me how much she knew about her chart. Every thing she was saying was the general info that you can get from like cafe astrology or a website that gives you birth chart break downs. Honestly, she really knew about her 3 majors because I was asking other placements and she had to look it up like her Saturn (Sagittarius) and north node (Aries). So what made her the ride of the day because I have had a few people like this? She is a agnostic preachers daughter with a agnostic husband that don’t subscribe to astrology either. She is an Aries rising (mom is Aries) with Jupiter and north node in her first house. She is a 6th house virgo with Mercury and Venus also in the 6th. She has an Aquarius moon with Pluto in Scorpio (Father) in the 8th. Her Gemini husband has the same Saturn and and north node placement. I don’t know the house because he didn’t know his time.

Why did this conversation feel like a competition? When you have something placed the first house of the chart it will have a great deal of affect on the house expression. Put Big bold expansive Jupiter in the 1st house in Aries (The warrior) who needs a battle hence we get a contest on how much we know about astrology. Aquarius rules astrology her moon (Emotions) sign is Aquarius hence the comment my wife will love you and her love for astrology. Saturn in Sagittarius (higher learning and beliefs) being an agnostic daughter of a baptist preacher I think speaks to that as well as marrying an agnostic during her Saturn return may have caused a few waves throughout the family. Another way this Sagittarius Saturn was showing up was she had a hard time listening. She was more interested in professing her knowledge that she was missing out on taking that knowledge a little deeper (Pluto in Scorpio) and could be the reason why she attracted a Gemini (Opposite of Sag) husband. Speaking of Sag she also spoke about how she is surrounded by Sag people. If she took the time to look at her Saturn she probably would understand why she is around so many Sag. She also has her north node in Aries but I will get back to that. While this conversation was going on her Gemini husband in true Gemini form was playing around on his phone. Acting like he wasn’t listening but coming from a Gemini rising I know he was. He also was quite most of the ride only saying things when I asked him a question. He also is agnostic so thats Saturn in Sag like her but his Saturn in Sag could also mean that he doesn’t speak up enough? Now let’s go to their nodes in Aries. One of the questions I did ask him is how was he with confrontations which wasn’t one of his favorite things to do. So here it is 2 people same Saturn and North Node but totally 2 different expressions of the same lesson. To simplify it lets just say she needs to learn to back down that competitive combative Aries energy and learn to listen for a change you may learn something that helps you. On the other hand he needs to pump up his Aries step into confrontation head on and speak up. I also can see why he attracted her into his universe. I know your thinking Paul you didn’t speak to any of her virgo placements what about her Virgo? Thanks to Walta Astrology who helped with this point. Why is she Agnostic? Virgo likes to get into the details of things. Remember I said every time I would say something about her Chart she would tell me something she knew about it? Well guess what she didn’t know about Saturn and North node. Depending on which astrologer you ask are 2 of the most important placements in the birth chart. How does that fit in to the Story? Well the agnostic preachers daughter is so caught up in the virgo details of astrology that she is failing to see the bigger picture of astrology ( Sag the big picture). She is not agnostic because astrology does belief in a higher power she is so caught up in the weeds to see that part of it. Also even though her father has been a sticking point for her she is just like him. If she told me what she knows about astrology i am sure I am not the only one judging by her husbands response to my sweat shirt. If this is the case she is actually preaching an ideology like her preacher father she is just doing it with a different tool. I Hope she able to see that one day.

now let’s flip the chart to the opposite of Aries a Libra rising who also has a planet in her first house her moon sign. Being A libra rising ruled by Venus ( the planet of love and beauty) and having a placement in the 1st house this lady looked like she could have been the prom queen or something like that. Why is she the other ride of the day? Because she was totally opposite the Aries rising instead of not having enough Aries she was to accommodating. What also stood out was she had a grand trine in air. who was currently going through her Saturn Return. Saturn is currently in Capricorn hence her going through her return now. Capricorn is an earth sign so it could be a money issue or something to do with work. Her Saturn also sits in the 4th house of home family and roots so it could be a issue with that. I look at a reading like some the best interviewers in the world approach their interviews. What makes someone a good interviewer is they aren’t scared to ask the hard questions. So you buddying astrologers learning and doing reading take that with you. I actually didn’t have to ask if she was having any family issues she volunteered that information. Recently divorced from a husband with money and she was the stay at home mom. With no money to put up a proper defense he got the kids. Now she is in Chiropractic school working to get her career (Saturn in Capricorn) together because I don’t think the fight is over concerning the kids because Saturn can bring delays. Also she is taking Jujitsu says she pretty good. The is a excellent way to ignite her fire warrior energy. Its actually in her, her moon sits in the warrior house. I know I just kind of slide it in but didn’t address it. “The hard question!” Are you wondering what was my hard question for her? I tell you, I asked if she was the quote unquote “the trophy wife?” The answer was yes! Why because of the looks and stay at home mom and the money. Now here is what really made it fascinating to me at least. I mention she had a grand trine in air which is a god given gift in the area of intellect. What does that mean? This beauty queen is really smart. She actually did the unbalanced Libra thing of losing herself with inside the relationship. It was all about him. Now Imagine being really smart and forced to listen to some talk about dumb things all the time and you really can’t say to much because they controlling everything. Even though she had nice things and her kids around her i bet she was in a mental prison. There is a story of 2 women the same thing happened to both. Husband cheated with the secretary and ran off with her. 20 years later you see 1 lady lonely bitter still talking about that sorry no good MF that left her for the secretary. The other lady went took some classes got a job met a guy (Who owned the company she was working for) ended getting married having kids. You ask this same lady about that experience she will say thats the best thing that ever happened to me. Same experience 2 different outcomes funny thing both outcomes are a choice. With her being in school taking Jujitsu and currently dating a surgeon although it may seem like hell 20 years from now she may say this is the best thing that happened to me. I hope so I’m routing for you.




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