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Truthful Transformation

Here is the cold hard truth. You are an asshole. You talk too much. You are selfish. You are overweight. You drink too much. You smoke too much. You are lazy. Today’s the day that the bandaid gets torn off. The gloves get taken off; It’s time to be honest with yourself. Transformation comes when facing the cold hard truth. Deep transformation comes from confronting those skeletons you hope stay buried. Burial is something done to physical things. Emotional skeletons are not buried in the ground, it’s buried in your body as extra weight, aches and pains. Get out your shovel, dig up the emotional skeletons and release them into the ethers. You have deeply held beliefs about yourself and the world that needs a serious makeover. The Moon’s quincunx with Chiron today, possibly hurt feelings may emerge. There are two ways you can handle it. Dwell on the hurt feelings or use it as an opportunity to heal. The exact conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto opens a window for deep transformation but you have to face the TRUTH first!



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