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When I looked at the date Aug 20,2020, numerology was my first thought. I'm not a numerologist but 8+2+0+2+0+2+0=14, 1+4=3. The number 3 has a few meanings on different levels. The basic meaning is a creative self-expression for others to observe and appreciate. It also involves our connections and communications. The yang or shadow side would be unfocused, shallow, and naive. The esoteric meaning is the trinity, protection, guidance, and divine forces. While the Moon is still in Virgo, we need to put more of an analytical eye on this area. Figure out how you show up, then get it organized. One thing you must stay conscious of is that how you think you are seen may not be how you are perceived by others. You may feel you're being nice but perceived by others as a pushover. You may think you are being firm, but actually coming across like an asshole. Venus is in an aggravating aspect with the Sun. Someone close to you could touch a tender area. Although it's nothing too painful, it's enough to make you say "Ouch." Advice can be taken in many different ways. If you keep in mind that the advice is coming from a place of love, then it won't be so upsetting.  It would be taken as something to just consider. Finding a positive way to manifest the powers of the 3 energy is the theme of the day. Why? Because there is no quick fix to build healthy self-love, but reassurance, appreciation, and admiration from others when expressing your 3 energy can be similar to  giving a car a tune up. It just runs better!



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