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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

I had a conversation with someone about social media. The way it was explained to me I had never heard it put like that before which got me to thinking further. They said social media is like a camp fire giving off heat. People need warmth and have trouble starting their own camp fire so they gather around someone who has their fire going. The hotter or bigger the flames the more people. If your fire goes down people will leave. So you have to consistently keep your fire lit. Your content is the camp fire now you need to fuel the flames. So are you thinking the fueling of the flames of the content stood out to me? Because I did start this off by talking about social media. I have a active account. I try to put out content on a regular some of you probably follow me on social media. Well no thats not the part that got me thinking. What stood out to me is why do people have trouble starting their own camp fire. Maybe the reason this stood out even more is because after the Wizard of Oz podcast I had a few people reach out and asked a question that was similar to each other which leads me to todays topic. The question was what do you do when you figure out you been following someone else’s yellow brick road? How do you find your own yellow brick road? This is not a simple question to answer. For me it was a few things altogether but for this podcast and when I am working with like a few minutes with a person the quickest answer is looking at the planet Mars in the chart. What are you talking about Willis? Mars is what gets us out of bed in the morning. So if something will get you out of bed it is one of the keys to you finding your yellow brick road.

Other then being the 4th planet from the sun what is Mars? Mars is a energy planet. It rules the energy that an individual uses to maintain himself. Why? Because each planet is assigned to one of the 12 houses in the chart. Mars rules the 1st house which is the I am house the house of self. Even though you may have other planets ruling your first house because of the different rising signs Mars is still connected with the first house. Again I am being real simple with this because it actually takes more than just Mars but this is a first step. Side note each sign rules a body part. Aries rules the head Mars rules Aries where the head goes the body will follow. The zodiac sign for Aries is the ram but Mars is a warrior. Not like a modern day warrior l but like a gladiator warrior think the movie 300 or like Brad Pitts character Achilles in the movie Troy. So finding where your Mars is key to finding your inner warrior, your 300, your Achilles. Mars is the assertion of the self don’t get it mistaken with will power. It takes Mars almost 2 years to orbit the Sun when this happens we have our first Mars return. Everyone knows the first Mars return but you know it by a different name. Have you ever heard of terrible two’s? This is the first assertion of self as in the emergence of the word NO! Mars Is -This Is what I am I can be No other.

What does the energy of Mars look like? By the way the best way to learn astrology is imagine how the expression of keywords may appear.

KEYWORDS- Hot, Dry, Male, force, competition, courage, daring, action, endurance, assertion, passion, anger, war

Mars in Action-(Either/Or)- Passive or aggressive, Win or Lose, Love or Hate, Fight or Run, Kill or Be killed

High Expression

The Warrior, Survivor, Daredevil, Pioneer

Low Expression

Bully, Reckless fool, war monger

When you look at all those words they have a main thing in common. Its a type of force. Mars is your driving force energy to achieve your goals what ever that maybe. It’s the desires that make you want to act. As in get you out of bed in the morning. Now if your finding that getting out of bed is a issue you just may have lost connection with your Mars. Remember Mars is our inner fire. That fire never goes out. The pilot light is still lit just needs to turned up.

Since Mars is a energy planet it rules the energy someone uses to maintain themselves and remember the close ties to the 1st house of self. The rising sign is the type of car your driving (Dodge,Ford,Chevy). The Sun is driving and the Moon is in the passenger seat Mars is the type of gas you put in your car. What would happen if you pull up to the gas station and put the wrong gas into your car? Put diesel gas in a a unleaded car? You won’t be getting to far down the road. Besides trouble getting out of bed, What is another sign that you have the wrong gas in your car? Negativity, disputes, Arguments, Resentment, Illness. Just because your not doing something with your Mars doesn’t mean it’s not doing something to you. Oh it’s going to express itself one way or the other. This is where free will comes in. What would you say is better letting Mars run amuck finding it’s own outlet with inappropriate people and situations manifesting or learn to channel this energy into productive and useful ways of expression. The great thing is you have a choice.

To make conscious decisions on channelling the positive expression of Mars you need to know the house and sign of your Mars. The sign shows you how and the house shows where someone could find their real interest (Sign) and assert themselves in this area (House). This shows the desires that motivate you to act. It shows your unique skills in taking the initiative and with personal assertion can be a keys to success. It’s the process by which you can separate yourself from others. It shows you where you can make an individual commitment that will inspire you in productive ways. It is where you will find your courage. Your drive to dare to do something win or lose. Why should everybody want to find this? Because it will lead to your Joyous independence and renewed physical energy. You will be waking up before the alarm clock goes off.


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