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Wow!  I told ya'll we are in for a roller coaster September.  As the Moon shifts into Cancer, it creates another T-Square but this time in Cardinal signs.  Problem with this T-Square is the release point is right into that mess going on in Capricorn.  How can I release into the Jupiter Pluto Saturn retrograde? Adding more fuel to the fire, Chiron, the wounded healer, is in Aries playing a major role in this T-Square with Mercury in Libra and The Moon in Cancer.  I really don't like this combination, especially being the 19th anniversary of 911. The Moon Mercury square brings chances of misunderstandings that can trigger hurt feelings.  Will you let the simmering emotions get the best of you, causing you to say too much or do you use the Chiron energy to build a bridge to healing?  Valuable lessons can be learned from the last person you expected if you are more flexible to new, even radical, ideas.  The Sun Neptune opposition creates a foggy mist so thick that your mind and ego could be playing tricks on you.  The cardinal energy could have you motivated to push on through the fog, but something also could be said for pulling over to wait for the fog to clear.



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