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The Set Up

I wasn’t always an astrologer; everyone has a past. I stepped off the porch in the late 80’s but the 90’s was when the name P Double came alive. I’m a Gemini Rising (Twins) yes, I went to school and worked but there was another side. I was in the streets when I was considered an endangered species. I think I wasn’t supposed to make it past the age of 26. With that being said I know how the game goes; I can discriminate a set up when I see it. We have a clash of two titans. Venus in her full power in Libra squaring off against a powerful Saturn in Capricorn. While Venus does have the upper hand in the square, she has recruited some friends to make sure the odds are stacked in her favor. She sent the Moon in first to distract Saturn. Bell Biv Devoe sang “Can’t trust a big butt and a smile.” The Moon's conjunction with Saturn has his eyes distracted. Next, Venus sends in the sextile from the Sun in sneaky watery Scorpio to loosen Saturn’s dry hard outer layer surface up. The Sun says to Saturn “Do you see that sensual Moon in front of you?” Saturn replies “I can’t help to see her; she is twerking on me dog.” The trap is set. Venus slips in at that moment. “Mr. Saturn, we can handle this in two ways. We can settle this like adults, or we can get into some gangsta shit! I got you surrounded. I am the Morning Star.” Venus in Libra being about balancing relationships (Romantic, Business, Family, Friends) and our love language. Saturn being the structures in which we live by. The energy in relationships feels like this set up story. Some relationships may survive, and others may require some gangsta shit (Cut off ties). Time to trim the fat!



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Nov 19, 2020

Can’t trust a big butt and a smile 🤣🤣🤣 that was great

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