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The Power House Vs The Master Builder

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

The powerhouse 8 versus the builder 4. The theme of the 8 is the powerhouse which naturally leads to power struggles. What is a house built upon? A foundation, which is the theme of the 4. Is your powerful house built on a firm foundation or was it built on shaky grounds? The 8’s relationships with people are directly attached to their relationship with money. Unfortunately, 8’s tend to hurt the people they love the most. Why? What they really want most is to be stable, secure, and resourceful. Which will take tapping into the energy of the master builder 4.

8 of Wands

Clarity of thought is needed because projects are coming fast. New ideas are required to advance forward. The energy of a problem and the energy of a solution are two different frequencies.

8 of Swords

Getting out of the victimhood mentality, shifting your perspective will allow you to remove the blinders, seeing the imprisonment you feel is self-imposed because of your mental state.

4 of Cups Reversed

After taking time for true introspection, working to make the necessary adjustments, re-engage with the world from new perspectives, meeting new people, having new experiences, while leaving all the past hurts where it belongs, in the past.

Queen of Pentacles

To be your personal powerhouse, you can't be insecure, passive, or codependent on others. You will find your true power when you embrace duty, responsibility, resourcefulness and effective nurturing. In other words, having a stable foundation.



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