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I like to say the universe has a funny sense of humor, but when your knee deep in a situation it doesn’t seem so humorous. I try to stay away from the word test because people will go overboard with that word. Western educationally trained programming will next go to either pass or fail. It’s not about a letter grade and there is no such thing as failure when it comes to life. I’m not saying no one fails at life but the failure depends on perspective. We have a signed based T-Square in cardinal signs with the Moon and Mars in an exact square. T-Squares can be very taxing because of two square aspects with an opposition. What can be funny about this? Although we may have been handed a shit show, the universe said I will also give you help if you can unearth it. The Moon is being reinforced by a grand trine in water which includes a benefic (Venus). Grand trines are like superpowers that can be utilized with the right training. You have to be careful with the energy of a grand water trine, without a levee system New Orleans would be flooded out. Use the grand water trine to combat any tense situations brought upon you from the T-square. Like all things this too shall pass.



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