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If you would like to see the energy I am about to speak about, go outside tonight and locate the Moon. Not only will you see the Moon, but Jupiter and Saturn will be visible as well. What won’t be visible is the presence of Pluto. Take a picture, tag me in the post or send it to me. This pile up of planets in one sign or house is called a stellium. This stellium is happening in the sign of Capricorn. To know which house is your Capricorn house, you need to know your rising sign. Capricorn is “I use” when it comes to the material world. Are you in service of materials or do you use the materials around you to support your greater good? Capricorn is disciplined and displays perseverance. When we unpack the planetary energy involved, I can see a storyline playing out. Jupiter (Expansion, Growth, Development) is in fall (Behind Enemy Lines) in Capricorn. We also have Saturn (Gatekeeper) in his full power putting the brakes on any plans you may have for your growth. What can not be seen (Pluto) is the reason for the hold up. Pluto is deep transformational energy that is needed to get the keys from Saturn to move on. For transformation to take place, you will have to repair and restructure your Capricorn house. This will take ambition and planned action to make Capricorn solid and useful energy for you. The Moon has arrived to ask you, “How do you feel about the transformation needed?” Some embrace the challenge, while others run, complain, and cry that transformation has to take place. Which one are you?



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