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When you have time alone at home, you tend to become more reflective on things you are going through currently and have been through in the past. The Cancer Moon can bring the feelings of nostalgia but be careful strolling back down memory lane. The song could be better than the trip. If you haven’t done your inner work that stroll can place you back into that emotional state. We are all taught we must grow up and be successful. What does that mean? If you follow societal norms that would mean possessing a bunch of things you rarely use, big living space with parts of the house you never go in unless company is over, and a few letters added at the end of your name giving your name some type of title. The Moon makes a positive aspect to Neptune and to Mars asserting the idea that if dreams do come true, you need to be the one that makes it happen. Pluto’s opposition says Moon if you want to manifest that dream; there are things from your past you have to acknowledge, deal with, and then release. It’s affecting your current life. The real definition of success is staying alive. We are here to live, not collect things. Recognize the circular story you are mentally trapped in with the understanding the key to success is fixing and healing yourself.



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