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We are quick to compare ourselves to the next person.  We gauge our success by others' accomplishments.  This can be a slippery slope.  Success is different for everyone.  You really don't know the why or how they got to where they are.  I have seen people (family & friends) in positions they didn't deserve nor wanted.  Can you compare your success to them?  What if you worked your way up, but they were given the title of supervisor over you; who is more successful?  How can a rich man be miserable, and a person, as my mother used to say, who "doesn't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it of "(Really Poor) be filled with joy?  If you let society tell the story, he is not successful.  The Moon will slide into Virgo later this afternoon to start preparation for the coming New Moon in analytical Virgo.  With Mercury in Libra, start thinking of how you can bring balance back to your own values.  You are valuable, everyone is.  As long as you look for your value outside yourself or let others dictate that to you then it does not matter what objects you acquire (house,car,money,...) you will never find joy.  The Moon is also making critical contacts with some touchy placements making the air extra sensitive, and ripe for misunderstandings.  These moments point to what needs to change where it comes to structure, agreements, and restrictions in your life.  PAY ATTENTION!  This is the seed you need to plant for the upcoming New Moon. 



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