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As the Moon moves into Libra balancing of relationships comes to the stage.  If the relationship isn't balanced, which side do you find yourself on? If we looked at your life as a movie (this is Leo season), you are the star of the movie. Everyone around you are supporting actors in your movie. Their job is to push and prod you along your journey. How you deal with that aspect is part of the movie and life. By this point, you may be asking why do you have to be pushed? Because without it your ass wouldn't do anything. Don't believe me? If you have been unemployed during this pandemic, what have you been doing with your time? You have no boss nor job saying, “Be here at this time and perform these duties to receive your check.” Have you been using the time to level up or using the time to get more Tiktok followers? You also have to keep in mind that other people are stars in their own movie as well. With all that said, by the time you see a movie on the big screen the original script has been rewritten and edited plenty of times. Where and with whom do you need to rewrite the script to regain the balance in the relationship?



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