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We have all said,  "When I grow up, I want ...."  What happens when you're grown and those childhood dreams feel like it's been in a cage match?  How do you find the will to walk out the house on a daily basis?  The Moon's trip through Taurus may have left you feeling a little insecure, but it has entered Gemini meaning it's time to talk about it.  Staying with the theme of balancing relationships.  The last few days of stress has brought a few issues to the light.  The Venus in worrisome Virgo squaring the talkative Gemini Moon has the words, "Honey can we talk?" at the tip of the tongue.  If this conversation has to happen, keep in mind the moon's uncomfortable aspect to Jupiter leans toward blowing things out of proportion, going too far, causing intentions to backfire.  The Moon Mercury quincunx places unusual words into the conversation.  Pluto's influence ushers in a lesson, you are unaware of currently, to be learned.  Mars says if things go awry, find a physical outlet for the stress, while Saturn is asking you to try to remain calm.  Words are powerful, that's why you should always stay mindful of the words you speak into existence.  If you don't mean it, Don't say it!



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