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Having Gemini energy means I like variety, and astrology provides plenty.  When it comes to astrology, there is one big tent similar to musicians, but just like musicians, there are different branches.  For this horoscope I'm reaching into my Evolutionary Astrology bag.  EA astrology is a soul-based astrology. Everything is based around the evolution of the soul over time, with the starting point being Pluto.  The Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all occupying Capricorn.  People unknowingly don't realize how much the subconscious controls the "conscious" actions.  Your karmic scars are hidden in your subconscious mind and is what drives you.  Capricorn, a Saturn ruled sign, is about structure and the power that comes with those structures that we live by.  Once you have a standard that you "believe" is correct, then you judge everything by this structure.  Not taking into account the structures of the other person leads to power struggles.  The interesting thing to me is most people's belief of what the world should be comes from someone else.  95% of the people are followers and not free thinkers  We will bend ourselves into pretzels trying to stay inside that structure of thinking.  The Sun and Mercury are in analytical Virgo helping you go within to ask who gave me these beliefs?   Who's structures am I living by?  Do these beliefs even resonate with me anymore?  If I change my beliefs, who will punish me?  The people who saddled me with these beliefs, could they have been crazy?  Don't laugh, I am being serious.  A narcissist parent couldn't raise a narcissist kid? 



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