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If you are into astrology and have been following along with your chosen astrologer, they all have been pointing to this time. You know that feeling of putting energy into a project and you finally reach the due date. I don’t need to stress the seriousness of these times. Just turn on the news or better yet ask someone around you. Don’t ask like the superficial way we do on a daily basis as you walk by someone, say no I really mean “How are you doing?” Step back and observe the answer you receive. On this Solar Eclipse day of endings and new beginnings, I ask you that same question. How are you really doing (Mind, Body, Soul)? This COVID has really thrown people off because routine and familiarity are our security (we think). We can get lost in those routines by turning on autopilot. This situation is forcing you to turn off your autopilot, regaining manual control over your vessel. The discomfort your feeling is: 1) You have become lazy; autopilot is much easier. 2) You forgot what buttons and gages control your ship. Honestly, most of you sound like kids “I don’t want to go to bed.” The universe doesn’t care about your wants. How many of you would be brave enough to willingly step up to accept your fate, your karma, get what’s coming to you? You would think if anyone was going to heaven, Jesus would bring his best friend Peter (who denied him 3 times). “Bro I don’t know that dude! You got me mixed up homeboy.” It’s safe to say many of you tender asses would not have stepped up either. Great news, you don’t have to step up at all. Bad news, that doesn’t mean you get to avoid your fate either. This Solar Eclipse near the South Node in Sagittarius says we put helium in balloons so they can float. We also anchor that balloon to something stable to prevent it from floating away. Cut those karmic strings to the past today to allow your soul balloon to ascend.



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