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Happy Birthday, Scorpios!  As we kick off Scorpio season, the Moon is in Aquarius creating a square between water and air.  If not handled well, you can create a hurricane leaving a trail of damage.  During Libra season I had been talking about balancing relationships and maybe even ending a few non-serving relationships.  During Scorpio season, the surviving relationships will see an increase of intensity.  Relationships will be moving towards a deeper connection, and in intimate relationships, an increase on the sensual side.  Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars but modern day ruled by Pluto; relationships can see some form of transformational/ healing energy.  All energy has a shadow side.  Be mindful of jealous, manipulative, or vindictive attitudes and behaviors.  The proper use of Scorpio is honest, accepting, transparent, penetrating and deep.   Some of the big major conjunctions we had to deal with during Libra season is over, though we are still not out of the woods yet.  In these last few months work on yourself preparing for 2021.  2020 is a wash! Just being honest.


A Scorpio Moon



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