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As we prepare ourselves for another week, we start the day doing our Sunday routines: church service, sports, shopping, cleaning,... Although we love for things to go smoothly, others may not be on the same page.  The Moon Chiron aspect points to someone touching a sore area or you touching the sore spot. The Moon Venus aspect points to a loved one.  Although this is a quick incident, it hits the bullseye on a bigger unsettled issue.  At 2:21 EST Mercury and the Sun will meet up at 2 degrees Scorpio.  The Sabian symbol for that degree says "A delicate bottle of perfume lies broken, releasing its fragrance." This speaks of opportunities that are presented for us to break away from the past. Memories can be both sweet and sour. As humans, it seems that the sour memories are the ones we have the most difficulty getting past and unknowingly holds us back.  The positive side of this conjunction is ideas can flow very easily.  It's a good time to look at those plans you have been working on.  You may be hit with a rush of new insight.  It's also a good time to make decisions.  The Moon Mars aspect may make it hard to not overreact to the situation, but later this evening the Moon will move into Pisces creating a trine with the Sun and Mercury in emotional water signs.  Find a way you can emotionally escape during the night that will have you charged and ready for Monday morning.



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