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Scar Tissue

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

There is a saying, “wherever you go in life, you take yourself with you.” What does this mean to me? You can blame your emotional state on current dwelling, current economic level, current city, or insert your current here; thinking if I can change this my emotional state will change. You can force a change in location. You can get up and move but after you unpack, the same emotional state will be waiting on you like a stray cat at your doorstep you made the mistake of feeding. Venus’s aspect to Saturn can bring the state of your happiness to the table. Unfortunately, the Scorpio moon in stressful aspects to every damn thing will come in the form of stressful situations coming to a boiling point. When these situations pop up, learn to step back to properly assess the situation. We all have been suppressing a lot of emotional scar tissue. Release it before it drives you to an early grave. What’s more important, your life or the emotional baggage you’re holding on to believing it defines who you are today.



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