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When speaking of relationships, most people's initial thought goes to love relationships.  However, there are many more relationships out there that we don't consider as a relationship.  Take food for an example, you think people can't have a relationship with something you eat?  You would be wrong.  Some people have a love affair with food, while others feel like they are in an abusive relationship with food.  What happened to you?  Steak and potatoes beat me up.  Too simple? How about money?  Do you think people don't have a relationship with money?  Touch someone's pocket, you may be attacked like you grabbed his wife's ass.  So disrespectful huh!  Taking people out of it, What are you in a relationship with?  How is the relationship going?  Are you happy or are you being cheated on?  Can the balance be restored or is it time to break up?  As we prepare for the New Moon, the Sun and Moon are putting the squeeze on Neptune.  Can those dreams be brought to earth for manifestation?  Squares work in two ways, frustration or pushing.  The Mercury Jupiter square is asking can you push past your mental limits for meaningful learning, growth, and evolution?



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