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Rapid Stream

As we start a new week off, we find the Moon in Sagittarius preparing for tomorrow's powerful solar eclipse. The Moon is in mutable fiery Sagittarius applying pressure to the planets in earthy Capricorn. It’s like pouring gas on dry dead grass. Capricorn being the structures that you have built up through the old traditional ways of life. Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter have been working all year to get you to transform this area of your life. As I look, most are still struggling with this aspect. You guys are trying to paddle upstream on a rapid river flowing in the opposite direction. This solar eclipse may just have to burn those structures to the ground for you to actually catch on. The Sun Uranus aspect brings the urge for radical change, but radical doesn’t mean turning over the whole apple cart in protest. The Mercury Neptune square makes it difficult to find your mental focus, you could also receive some shocking information that could shake up your thought processes. The Moon’s aspect to Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn has some good news, the moon moves rather quickly. This energy comes in and goes back out like waves on the beach shore. The delays and obstacles you are feeling to your growth and expansion is just what it means. Pauses, postponements, rearrangements doesn’t mean not going to happen at all. Find a way to have patience by escaping to your happy place to wait it out.



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