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We all used to scream, “Thank God it's Friday!”  Does Friday still have the same feel now?  To some it has felt like a never ending weekend for a while.  As you start your day, the Moon will make her way into Capricorn giving the side eye to the Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn conjunction.  This is putting more focus on the Capricorn area that has been a sore spot.  Mercury (our thoughts) is close to an exact opposition to the planet of transformation, Pluto, which is still retrograde.  How we were thinking about our home, family, and roots could undergo some type of transformative reversal.  It may take some tension from the square with Mars to push us to it.  Oh, it's going to transform one way or the other; the question is will you be going kicking and screaming?  With the Sun being in prideful Leo squaring delusional Neptune, kicking and screaming probably will be the way.  We do have free will.  We are not the universe's personal marionette getting thrills off our stumbles and falls.  A little advice, if you would like to take the free will approach, Chiron (the wounded healer) is also retrograde squaring Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn.  All four are retrograde.  Even though we are in stressful times, it is also a great time to heal.  Heal what? Group thought!  I have to be this way to fit in this structure.  Well, all those old structures are dying off; heal your inner child and reclaim your TRUE LEO!



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