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Pisces Season

As the Sun Looks at Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and retrograding Mercury he throws up the peace sign saying,” I’m out of here.” The 5th wheel has left the Aquarius party, leaving only the couples at the party. Knowing Aquarius, this party could turn into a freaky orgy. As we start the weekend, we’re also beginning Pisces season. This watery irregular sign is the signal that the changeover process from winter to spring has begun. At the same time, the Moon will leave her happy place in Taurus sashaying into Gemini, setting up a hard squaring aspect with the Sun. This could be a positive weekend or negative weekend depending on your emotional state. The passion meter is turned up a few notches with the Venus Mars square. Venus wants to try something new, but Mars wants to stay with ole reliable. Who will win the battle of the masculine and feminine? Whoever wins this clash, it has the potential to be transformational because of the Moon’s sextile with Pluto. Chiron’s sextile with the Gemini Moon could have couples rehashing old issues. For those who are single, try channeling this energy into productive projects, that could provide you with a brief escape from the world. Who knows, that could lead you down a new path that you never would have considered a month ago. KNOW THYSELF


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