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Have you ever had the feeling like hiding from the world? This could be one of those days. The kind of day when you catch every red-light on the way to work. The ingression of the Moon out of Libra into the deep dark murky Scorpio waters will test the balance and status of relationships. Mars at the critical 29th degree of Taurus applying additional pressure on the uncertainty of your current situation. The Sabian Symbol for 29 degrees Taurus says” Two cobblers working at a table.” Cobblers is the old school name for shoes not two pies you consume. 1 shoe is independent of the other, but you have 2 feet that need to work together to propel you forward. Your 2 feet need to come to an understanding we both can’t move forward at the same time. If we do, you will “bust your head down to the white meat.” Shout out to the great Bernie Mac! Venus’s hard aspects confronts the status quo of relationships. For those who are single, this aspect will raise the question of self-worth. These pressure points will be challenged because of the Moon’s demanding square with Pluto. When today is over you will need to retreat to your happy place. While there, try to get mentally far enough away to find a new perspective.



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