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Peaceful Retreat

I was asked my opinion on the current times, so I said my peace and left it at that. I can see it was a perspective they never considered. I asked myself what I could say to you guys about these times. The Sabian symbol for the current degree of Pluto is "A woman entering a convent." It's not very hard to put that imagery on today's situation. It feels like we are shut in like a convent. One difference though is the woman enters the convent willingly. Doing something willingly and doing something forced are two different reasons. One can seem like peace, the other like jail. Why do people join convents? To live a higher existence. What does this have to do with you now? All the confrontations, irritations, and thorns in your side that have been coming up are clues to what's holding you back from living a higher purpose. Instead of arguing about wearing a mask, think about it as a time to get to a higher place. Have you ever cleaned out an old drawer? As you come across old objects that once seemed important, you might find they seem like junk and silly now? While the moon is connecting with Mercury, thoughts and feelings can be in tune. Use this energy to let go of the old drawer of useless memories that no longer serve you but hinder you in the present.



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