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I hope you took notes of your dream last night.  If not, or if you're not a dreamer at night, it would be great to start the day off with a meditation.  With the Moon Neptune connection, the gates to the universal world of imagination is wide open. Use this energy to go within and feel the spiritual power of the universe.  This will shower you with positive vibes to get you in the correct space to take stock of the positives currently present in your life.  This will help build self love and worth.  We are all human, the negatives seem like they are much more important. Our love expression (Venus) is rendezvousing with our destiny (North Node).  This could bring something positive this week concerning love or money, which is the beginning of a new chapter in life.  Everything has a polarity.  The Venus North Node conjunction is happening in the sign of Gemini (Messages).  When you go within to connect, ask yourself this question.  What messages from my past and emotional bond to that message could be the reason I am misaligned today?  Being misaligned equals feeling bad physically and emotionally.  The major reason you need to strive for alignment is because you will feel and be in a better emotional space.  In the times we are in, when major life altering decisions are being made, I hope you know by now that making emotional decisions never turns out well. 



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