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Pace Yourself

In the 80’s there was a movie called Colors. In the movie a veteran cop told the rookie cop a joke. “There was a father and son bull standing at the top of a hill. The son says to the father, “Hey dad, let’s run down the hill and have relations with one or two cows down in the pasture.” The father replies, “No son, let’s walk down the hill and have relations with them all!” A little restraint can go a long way. When you get your day started, you may be asking yourself, “Did I pass the road I was supposed to make a right turn on? Should I take a  U-turn?” Are you happy with the status quo of your relationships? What is your role in how the situation plays out?  Focusing on your purpose can bring surprising things and people to you. Tonight when the Moon moves into a square with Saturn, feelings of being blocked or held back may surface. The Moon's trine with the Sun is saying, “You're not being blocked.” You're being asked to reach out to others. They just may have some handy information for you. Nothing is wrong with being eager to get going. Would you rather run to get two or walk and get everything you wanted?



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