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Over Burdened

Updated: 3 days ago

What is happiness? What is success? Being at peace with one’s home, career, and community remaining balanced internally while engaged in an external world. Internal balance is a solo act but keeping the external balance will require teamwork. Extra effort and willpower will be needed to be exerted because your current path is going against the stream of karma or destiny.

Are you investing your energy into the right activities for growth? Taking on more than you can handle leads to heavy burdens and exhaustion even though you think you can handle it. Success will come when you lighten your load. Take a few things off your plate. It’s OK, others need to eat too. Having less burdens, carrying a lighter load will allow you to turn back going with the current of karma rather than against it. It's time to re-engage with the world from a new perspective, meeting new people and going to new places. The time to move forward is now.



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