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Sagittarius’s (I Seek) symbol is the arrow pointing to the future. Yesterday I asked what you desire. I also spoke of driving in circles. Today I thought if you knew where we are headed as a collective, it may help you figure out what you should seek. We are in a very dynamic (Cardinal) period with our drive, transformative, expansive, limitation and healing energy on the move. Our problem is what /how we love and what we value and what we think we need for security is stuck in old stubborn (Fixed) stagnate energy with deep roots in the past. Things are changing (Mutable) like our understanding of energy, our connection to the divine, and our intuitive powers we naturally possess. How this plays out for each of us depends on how you have learned to move through this matrix and the skills you have acquired. The Moon Neptune conjunction helps you tune into the subtle energies of the universe, so pay attention to your intuition today. This conjunction is in trine with Mercury connecting the responsive to the psychological to the instinctive with ease. Venus is making a frustrating aspect to the Moon and Neptune saying something could be a little off with feminine energy, watch out for unsettled issues that could pop up. Avoid making any rash life changing decisions today; instead seek out a new perspective. Ask that friend that always has those crazy out the box ideas what they would do. This could be the thought that sparks everything.



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