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It’s Monday morning, it’s time to get back to the weekly grind. Most people dislike Mondays because it’s the end of the weekend and have to return to work, but this Monday may feel a little different. As we begin the day, the Moon is making a favorable aspect to both benefics Jupiter and Venus, ushering in unusually good feelings for a Monday. A day of enjoying interactions with others as well as a day of growth, learning, and broadening your outlook on life. The Moon’s sextile to retrograding Mercury feeds excellent energy for working with others on joint projects or expressing the message you want to get across. This abnormally good feeling Monday although positive could have you feeling out of sorts. Try to live in the now, enjoying the moment. The Sun is sitting at 27 degrees Aquarius. The Sabian symbol says, “An ancient bowl filled with violets.” The ancient bowl represents the programming structures that you were born in. The violets represent the uniqueness that you can add to a vessel that was already there, if you’re not afraid to not conform to the group. Lean on this heavy dose of Aquarian energy to bring out your uniqueness to outdated vessels of programming. KNOW THYSELF


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