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As you step out of the house, you may notice a slight shift in the atmosphere.  This always happens when planets change signs.  We currently have two on the move.  Mercury has moved ahead of the Sun, clearing the way for a smooth transition into Libra.  It is kind of like how the secret service will go ahead of the president, and sweep it clean before the president arrives.  Mercury being in Libra moves our thought process from earthly analytical to active, balancing, intellectual air. Research, writing, details, decisions, opinions, peace, and harmony are some topical themes of active air. Libra is ruled by Venus; to see how this will manifest, we need to look at what Venus is doing.  Venus is actually the 2nd planet on the move in the shifting cosmic winds.  Venus makes her way into fun-loving Leo.  Venus points to one's inner value system and the reflection of that self-worth shows to the outer world.  Venus in Leo carries with it themes of rejection, betrayal, persecution, judgement, generosity, creativity, entertainment, worthiness, and respect.  We are still in Virgo, the server season. What can you do to make yourself mentally concentrate on your creative gifts that have some value and can serve the world?



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