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As the Moon moves into Capricorn, we find ourselves in the midst of a T-Square in mutable signs. Venus and Neptune squaring the North Node from opposite sides while in opposition to each other. When Neptune gets involved, delusional energy comes to the forefront. Adding Venus and the North Node to the mix, I have to ask where in your relationships, value systems, or financial zone have you been fooling yourself? Are you off track from where you feel your destined (North Node) to be? Destiny (North Node) takes action; it's not going to come knock on your door. You not only have to free will choose it, but you have to take the steps to get there. Dingdong!  Being in shape is knocking on the front door, if you answer it you will not magically have a 6 pack of abs.  The Venus Pluto trine is helping you find the relationships that truly support and sustain you.  Use the transformative Pluto energy to nurture these relationships with love and compassion.  If you have neglected  the relationships you should have been focused on, the Capricorn Moon assists with repairing and restructuring these Venus areas, but it will take time.  The Gemini North Node says it will take clear precise truthful effective communication to get you there.



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