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We can't seem to catch a break from this stressful energy.  Here we go again with another T-Square, but this time it’s in the mutable signs.  Remember, the release from the T-Square is the opposite sign of the squared sign.  In this case it's Sagittarius, because the Gemini Moon is the squaring sign from the Virgo Sun-Pisces Neptune opposition.  The Sun Neptune aspect could have you feeling confused wanting to escape the current reality you find yourself in.  On the other hand this connection is great for vision boarding.  Most talk about Gemini as the communicator,  but it's also information gathering.  The Moon is also playing footsie with the North Node (Soul Calling).  Putting all this together, today is a day to retreat inside yourself on an information gathering mission.  You're looking for Sagittarius type information.  That would be examining your beliefs and rules you live by that prohibit your expansion. We are in the classroom for the soul.  In a class you learn lessons.  Reflect on what you have learned so far in your life.  If you learn the art of observation from afar eventually everything you went through will start to make sense.  We do things but may not realize at the time the why of it.  The karate kid thought he was being used as slave labor. This old man has me painting his house, and washing and waxing all his dirty ass cars for free.  He didn't have the gift of observation.  Little did he know he was learning the art of defense.  What defensive skills have you learned but haven't stepped back far enough to see?



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